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Some tips and tricks on how to find the best deal

When renting a car, we all want to get the best car for the most affordable price. There aresome things you can do to make sure that you don't end up with up paying more than needed, or ending up having a less than pleasant experience. We have collected some tips and tricks for you here.

The prices of rentalcars may wary a lot, depending on when or from where you rent the car. Here at Rentalcar4U we always check with a lot of different rental companies, thus securing you the best avaliable rates on the rentalcar at the time of your travel.

In addition we at Rentalcar4U give you a lot of information on both the car and the rentalcompany beofre you buy. We also give you the oportunity to use filters on the search results so that you only see the cars that fit your needs.

First of all you can filter on the car of your choice. Choose the size or type of car. Maybe you want an SUV or a hybrid? Do you want an automatic? No problem. We will show you the most affordable car availiable.

Rentalcar4U also provide you with information about the rentalcar company in advance so that you can choose the company that best suits you. Check the rating from previous customers (and filter on them if you like). In addition there are options for the pick-up and delivery of the car that is good to be aware of. For instance, some rentalcar-dealers have their own pickup desk in the airport terminal, others have a meet and greet or shuttlebus service. Dealers also have different fuel policies and milages included. Make sure you choose a car that accomodates your needs and wishes. With our filter option you can also filter out the options you don't like.

And most companies require you to reserve a deposit at pick-up for excess to cover any damages to the car. Make sure to choose the car with the policies that best meet your needs. You should also check out our insurance option that is avaliable on all car rentals.

So before you travel the next time, check out our affordable prices and get the most out of your travel!

Find your affordable rentalcar today!